exit strategies

How much is your business worth?


It's time to sell your business and move on to the next challenge, or possibly retirement. For many people this transaction makes a huge difference to their options over the following years. Using the same tried and tested formula as successful Private Equity groups Warters & Co can help you achieve the reward you deserve.

Adding Value


The first step is to identify potential interest in your business. Once suitable options have been identified a presentation is put together displaying the opportunities for investors. The clever part is the numbers, using management accounting techniques historic performance can be manipulated to align with the acquiring parties expectations and strip out any costs incurred as a return of the outgoing management team. Together with a strong forecast its this performance which determines the business's value.

Doing the Deal


Our experience at the negotiating table brings stability at a time when emotions run high. 

Overly aggressive corporations have been known to use last minute scare tactics forcing owners into a worsened deal at the last minute. Having experienced support by your side gives you reassurance and guidance at a time when its most needed.